What do famine foods throughout history tell us about the world in which they were eaten? Medieval food and magic scholar Andrea Maraschi makes a mythical and historical foray into the history of the lowliest yet most versatile famine food in Europe, the acorn. 

"In times of hardships we need to keep trusting that things are going to get better. We need to keep thinking that yes we are still ourselves we are still who we used to be yesterday and the day before. The easiest way to do so is keeping doing the things that we used to do."


Ox Tales is produced by Anna Sigrithur, edited by Naomi Duguid and Fiona Sinclair and mixed by Thomas Krause.

Music in this episode was by Ava Glendinning, Uuriter, Lina Palera, Seikilos Epitaph, Mid Air Machine and Kevin Macleod.

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