Filipino food scholar Bel Castro tells the oft-repeated story about a mythic era in the late 19th century in which wealth abounded for Philippine coffee growers thanks to lags in the world market. She debunks and complicates this myth with a political and post-colonial analysis that has relevance for all commodity tales today.

"[The] history of coffee in the Philippines … is told as a fairytale of great golden days, that if you work hard and if we do our job right and we can go back to it when actually it should be a cautionary tale."


Ox Tales is produced by Anna Sigrithur, edited by Naomi Duguid and Fiona Sinclair and mixed by Thomas Krause.

Music in this episode was by Ava Glendinning, Uuriter, Nitoy Gonzales and his Rondalla  and The American Regimental Band. 

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